Career Journey.

12 Year Entrepreneurship
Portfolio/ highlights

2010 – present
Project: The I am happy project – Educational consultancy
Locations: Brazil, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast

Project: Child Welfare and Education project – Oumou Sangaré Fundation/ Unicef
Locations: Mali / USA

2011 – 2013
Enterprise: Centric (Investment Coordination/
Micro Finance)
Locations: Senegal/ Ghana/ Germany.

Project: Think Tank Project –
Business innovation/ creative idea sharing.
Location: Sweden

Project: Speaker/mentor at the Youth Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurship Carrousel Conference.
Location: Ivory Coast

2014 – 2019
Enterprise: Sunbird Enterprises
5 sub-brands:
Sunbird Journal Publishing
Sunbird Wear
Sunbird Cooperative
Sunbird World Kitchen
Sunbird Educational Consultancy
Location: UK/ Ivory Coast/ France

Project: Who Speak for Whom – Advocating to the Austrian ministry of education for the positive representation of Africa within the Austrian curriculum.
Location: Vienna, Austria

Project: Engage Handover Project
Writing for Social Change
EU Project
Location: UK/ Spain

2019 – to present
Enterprise: Social impact structure and brand.
Location: UK, Ivory Coast, Austria, France.

2020 – to present
Men’s mental health advocate / Open Door Men’s magazine / community
Commercial model – Male grooming consultant

career journey