Ethno Street wear

Ethno Street wear

Original name: Sunbird Wear (2015)
Rebranded name: Ethno Street Wear (2018)
Dates of operation: 2015 to present
Awards/ accolades: 1 collection winner of the Oxford runway show.
Social mission: To promote sustainable wear through the concept of upcycled garments- fostering entrepreneurship opportunities to young creatives in the Ivory Coast.


In 2015 Yann created Ethno Street Wear, his gender neutral, sustainable street wear brand inspired by African prints, designed by himself and created by tailors in his couture cooperative in lvory Coast, Western Africa. His first collection SunBird Wear won the award at the Oxford Afroshow 2016. Ethno’s third collection is currently available on Depop.

Our wear is made in the Ivory Coast, Western Africa by our specialist young tailors in our SunBird Cooperative. Our aim is to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship within1. these young people. We give them the opportunity, empower them with the tools and they engineer the innovation.


The fashion industry is the one of largest contributors to environmental damage.Today’s fashion is faster, cheaper and more disposable, but the cost of convinience is paid by the developing countries in which clothing factories are located. Which has resulted in devastating amounts of pollution and damage to the environment.

Ethno combats this environmental problem by opting for a sustainable, slow fashion alternative that promotes upcycled, bespoke and unique styles. We focus on quality instead of quantity. We focus on the concept of style rather than fashion.

  • Our clothing is upcycled.
  • We upcycle preloved/ off season garments material.
  • We minimize Holland wax fabric wastage by using ‘old fashioned’/ classic/ vintage prints.
  • We produce quality, unique styles in small volumes.
  • 50% of our clothing is hand sewn
  • We do not use screen printing
  • We use low voltage, vintage sewing machines (220V )
  • Locally sourced fabrics ( we buy fabrics directly on the markets in Africa)

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