‘How to’ hub

How to’ isa business hub focused on professionals and entrepreneurs. It adds value through the sharing of simplified processes, primarily from a holistic perspective. It provides mentoring, coaching and networking through its weekly webcasts and bi- annual entrepreneurs’ journal.

Dates of operation: 2020 to present

     In this current climate of uncertainty and upheaval for many entrepreneurs and their businesses, we recognise that proactivity, adaptability and versatility can be key for business survival, we also recognise the crucial importance of entrepreneurs taking care of their mental health while on their pursuit of success.

About the ‘HOW TO’ Entrepreneur’s HUB

      We are an ELITE and E.E.R sponsored concept created to bring together experts from small to medium enterprises and startups, men and women who are adding value or having an impact / excelling in their fields be it corporate or entrepreneurial.

We add value to those wishing to impact as entrepreneurs,Create Personal brands and set up Businesses.

 Our key questions/ development points:

  • How did you identify your process to manage your operations?
  • How did you get to your version of success/ impact or creating innovation? These could include ‘set up, management, phases of development, success criteria etc…’
  • How does one build resilience and manage their mental health as an entrepreneur? 

Our services will include

The How To Webcast: where key entrepreneurs and professionals will be interviewed, sharing gems about their processes, journeys and how they developed holistic mindsets.

The How To Entrepreneur’s Journal: our bi-annual publication featuring entrepreneurs, their journeys and inside tips from their industries.

Virtual Entrepreneurs fayres / events: themed events created to bring together panels of experts can add value to aspiring and established entrepreneurs through their expertise. 

   As a hub we propose to promote the right tools for entrepreneurs to achieve a wholesome version of success by focusing on an impact, process led and holistic approach. 


     We welcome partners, partnerships and sponsorships from different types of entrepreneurs/ professionals with an array of skills that align with our mission/ focus of delivering/ promoting our process, impact  led and holistic approach. You add value through your professional knowledge.

      The requirements of our partnerships.

  • Promoting our partners’ personal brands and content.
  • Joining our entrepreneurs network group chat.
  • Joining our entrepreneurs network WhatsApp group chat.
  • Taking part in our quarterly virtual Hub  events as panelists.
  • Taking part in our informative webcast (content for Instagram)
  • Opportunities to be featured in our bi-annual ‘How To’ Journal.

Contact us for more information about our hub, it’s services,and partnerships.