Nuvo Project

The Green rehabilitation project
will kick off in 2022 with 6 acres and we will replant close to 200 trees.

We will open the project to eco-tourists from western countries and the Afro diaspora, enabling them to support us in this green rehabilitation.

Over the decade 2020-2030 we
estimate to plant 10,000 trees in
Kahabo and over the Toumodi region of Ivory Coast.

Kahabo is the only pesticide
free site of its kind in the Kpouebo
locality. The site remained bio/
organic for over 60 years.

Yann is converting his cocoa cooperative
into a Bio conservation/ farming project:

The Nuvo, Kahabo Bio Plantation.
project seeking to preserve a 90 acre site of arable/ rainforest land in central lvory

The Nuvo project promotes a 100% bio farming ethic and pioneers a
reforestation project that will bring back some of the indigenous tree species that one ruled the land.

What is bio organic?
Demonstrates care for the environment.
No natural genetic processes
A natural reproductive strategy
.Care for biodiversity. No chemical pesticides/herbicides
No GMO crops

As growing pressures mount to utilise herbicides and pesticides in order to increase commercial productivity and conform to surrounding agro sites, we remain dedicated to preserving the organic nature of
the site and innovate in farming methods that fall in line with the ECO-CERT quality criterias.

Reforestation and Kahabo
With its characteristic as a primary
site of virgin forest Kahabo was a site of logging exploitation, as a result,it’s giant indigenous species depleted throughout the years

Our aim is to rehabilitate 40% of the original rainforest remaining on the site in an effort to conserve the biodiversity of the land.

Indigeneous tree species to replant/rehabilitate will include:






Why Kahabo:

Kahabo in Baoulé translates as forest of Ackee fruits
which were once prolific in that part of the region. The 83 acres site is today comprised of up to 40% virgin forest and 60% arable land. 60% of the site having been used as a bio plantation (cocoa, coffee) from the 50’s to the 70’s, today it is home to the Senegalia Acacia which
introduced in small scale during the 50’s proliferated naturally once the plantations ceased to exist.

An organic history

The lvory Coast is a country with an economy based predominantly on
agriculture.The West African country is the world’s top cocoa producer but has lost more than 85% of its forests since independence in 1960, mainly due to cocoa farming. Ivory Coast lost 47,000 hectares (116,000 acres) of forest in its cocoa-growing regions in 2020, despite industry pledges to halt deforestation. Demand for chocolate is driving deforestation in the Ivory Coast, which is forcing species like forest elephants and chimpanzees to near-extinction.

Major chocolate companies and industry leaders, along with the governments of Ivory Coast and Ghana, pledged in 2017 to eliminate the production and sourcing of cocoa from protected forests and national parks.Kahabo was once used as a plantation for commercial crops such as cocoa and coffee.73 acres of the land used to this effect have retained the traditional ways of farming that excluded the use of any kind of pesticides and herbicides.

Food security

As grassroots advocates for bio farming, we work to mitigate and improve food security, many factors make food security a current and potential concern.

The aim of this project is to maintain Kahabo as a centre for bio agriculture as it has been since the 50s. With most farms and fields across the radius still using harmful pesticides, we would like to work to preserve the ecosystem and health of this site.

Subsistence farmers are selling their lands to outsiders who utilise them for rubber plantations. This trade means a loss of countless acres that would normally serve to feed the local population in Kpouebo and surrounding villages.

Bio production and farming
could be the solution for better health.

With mortality and health concerns rising in rural communities, people are becoming conscious of the food they consume, and of the disadvantages of using pesticides and their effect on the health.

Our long term objective is to work towards being a site certified by ECO-CERT
,the international organisation for bio certification.

nuvo Project