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Open Door is a publication made for today’s millennial, indie, modern man, created to open the dialogue on masculinity, for men of diverse origins, races, sexualities, and professional backgrounds to come together and reframe masculinity and it’s definition.

We are a platform celebrating uplifting, inspiring and creative male perspectives. Whether it is mental health, belonging, sexuality, spirituality, or race, we have you covered.

This magazine is for the man or the reader who is on a journey to discover himself or seeking to be guided and inspired by other men who live their truth. We are more than a magazine, we are a diary for men. Opening a metaphoric door to a stronger awareness and consciousness.

Where are we headed as a gender? What does it mean to be a man in 2020? What do we talk about? What are our insecurities? Do we all have a seat at the table to redefine masculinity?

These are some of the questions that Open Door will address through the columns /themes of men’s health/ sexuality, gender, life coaching, psychotherapy, men’s mental health, spirituality, family, the arts and many more.

The particularity of Open Door will be the wide diversity of its participants, our aim is to guarantee the coverage of as many perspectives as possible.

To give the average man a platform to express his views, talents and interests. All are welcome.

Open Door community and Open Door TalksWe are more than a publication, we are a men’s community created to socialise, talk and support each other. Open Door Talks is the glue that holds our community together.

We gather in drop in groups on Mondays and Thursdays every 2 weeks from 7:00pm onwards and check in with each other or discuss specific pre-arranged topics. Open Door talks is a brilliant way to build relationships, offload and just feel supported. It is a beautiful initiative.

Our magazine is triennial, you can expect 3 issues each year full of brilliant uplifting material for men or for anyone who wants to be ushered into the real conscious world of men.

Since our first edition of Open Door, the world has gone through some global and historical changes. In fact, we still are going through them. Changes are happening, our outdated paradigm is crumbling to rubble. Things and people we took for granted have been seen through new eyes of respect and need.

Old ways of thinking and complacency have been tested beyond anything we could have imagined. People are taking a stand, saying No.The question now is, what do we want instead?Who do we want to be, as a human race?Who do you want to be?

A wounded patriarchy is still in control of the majority of the world’s power.

It is up to the men of the world to stand alongside women in the journey to a fairer society. It is our responsibility as men to actualise the changes our world needs. Without the will to change, we will only get more of what has divided us and brought us further from each other.

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