Sunbox fusion cuisine


Original name: Sunbird World Kitchen (2015)
Rebranded name:Sunbox Fusion cuisine (2018)

Dates of operation: 2015 to 2018
Mode of operation: Pop up restaurant in 2 locations, mobile food festival.

SunBird World Kitchen is a fusion food concept created by SunBird Enterprises.

We are a
multicultural World Kitchen with a difference. celebrating the best of tropical sun-foods with stops from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

We go
wherever the sun
takes us. The concept of SunBird World Kitchen is fusion food..bringing together different culinary traditions to your plate.

Fusion Food

The particularity about our Fusion food is that some of our menus combine a diverse
cultural items into completely new dishes.

We have inspired ourselves from the creole concept – the way in which different people come together to create hybrids
and new cultural identities through food.

Ultimately we promote cultural cohesion and world unity through how food and
ingredients from different parts of the world can blend in all delicious harmony.

A Versatile Concept
SunBird World Kitchen fits into many concepts
It has operated as:

  • A pop up restaurant
  • A catering concept
  • A take away
  • A food festival

SunBird World Kitchen is mostly known as the TASTETHON Food festival – A food
festival that goes from city to city to serve its deliciousness to its consumers.
In 2017, after its first year the Tastethon reached over over 2000 food lovers across
London, Essex and Suffolk

sunbox fusion cuisine