Yann W. Tanoé

A Serial Social Entrepreneur.

‘Yann W. Tanoé is a French multidisciplinary entrepreneur of Ivorian, Ghanaian and Lebanese origins. Yann’s multicultural upbringing and way of life opened his mind very early on in life to the wealth that he could draw upon to shape his identity.’

With over 12 years of career as a serial social entrepreneur Yann W. Tanoé has worked over 4 continents creating and managing small to medium sized start-up enterprises and projects. A multi dimensional entrepreneur Yann has donned many hats during his career, some of which include author, activist, independent publisher, designer, chef, project manager, ecopreneur amongst many others.

OYOMI FAI ‘I am Happy’ the beginning of the journey.

In 2011, Yann created his first company/ Foundation ‘OYOMIFAI’ which promoted motivational education and renewable energy investment. As a result, Yann wrote and deployed his ‘I am happy’ motivational curriculum as an educational intervention programme in 4 different countries.

Yann’s educational plan created 65% – 70% increase in academic attainment for vulnerable and SEN students during political unrest. Namely in southern Senegal where the plan created 75% academic improvement for all of the students involved and a further 100% entry to high school for the vulnerable students which it had empowered.

Yann was named ASE Mali orphanage Ambassador and is also the founder of SunBird Journal Publishing.He hopes through his literature, activism and Social Enterprise to not only motivate the world to become better, but also to empower it to take action.

In 2018 Yann was awarded young creative of the year by the youth chamber of commerce Ivory Coast West Africa for the diversity of his enterprises and his sheer ability in pioneering and progressing so many creative concepts under one company.Yann was head hunted by a French publishing house and was offered a publishing deal in over 24 French speaking countries.

His greatest achievement; in his opinion, is the creation of his own publishing house and the release of his first book, ‘Childhood is Eternal’ (an insight into the 21st century through the eyes of its children).

SunBird Press is an Independent Publishing House created by Author Yann W. Tanoé in 2017 as one of the 5 branded businesses that formed his previous company SunBird Enterprises.

SunBird Press was created to gather and unite like minded writers and use their voices to create an impact, as a structure, we see ourselves as a publishing community, a publishing ‘family’ that is open and welcomes all perspectives regardless of race, colour, sexuality, gender, nationality

Grey Areas

Created by Author Yann W. Tanoé under his independent publishing House, SunBird Journal Publishing. Grey Areas Podcast is an extension of Grey Areas Journal, the publishing house’s quarterly publication. It has for aim to celebrate expression, intellect and thought leading.

It was created to demonstrate the positive impact that our expression can have on our communities and societies.Grey Areas as a concept also encourages its readers to challenge their beliefs and embrace a new empowering perspective in order to connect with the world around them.

Open Doors Mens Magazine

The Open Door mens Magazine was created to open the dialogue on masculinity, for men of diverse origins, races, sexualities, and professional backgrounds to come together and reframe masculinity and it’s definition. It also gives the average man a platform to express his views, talents and interests. All are welcome.

‘How to’ hub

How to’ isa business hub focused on professionals and entrepreneurs. It adds value through the sharing of simplified processes, primarily from a holistic perspective. It provides mentoring, coaching and networking through its weekly webcasts and bi- annual entrepreneurs’ journal.

Nuvo Project

The Nuvo, Kahabo Bio Plantation project is seeking to preserve a 90 acre site of arable/ rainforest land in central lvory Coast.

The project promotes a 100% bio farming ethic and pioneers a reforestation project that will bring back some of the indigenous tree species that one ruled the land.

YTA Grooming and stylings

Yann enjoyed a short but intense modelling career from 2005-2006 in the Haute-Couture scene in France modelling high end menswear representing designers such as Hugo Boss, and other well known local French designers.He was the first winner of the Oxford Roots Afroshow (Fashion show) Award for ‘outstanding collection designs and concepts’. A great win for his clothing label SunBird Wear (instagram – @sunbirdwear).

This paved the way for many of the endeavours he would create in the future. He now represents and collaborates with luxury brands such as GQ, Forbes and Vogue as well as promoting men’s skincare/ grooming and clothing brands such as: Lumin, Void Homme, ShakeUp men,  TTDEye, Aaron Wallace

Ethno street wear

In 2015 Yann created Ethno Street Wear, his gender neutral, sustainable street wear brand inspired by African prints, designed by himself and created by tailors in his couture cooperative in lvory Coast, Western Africa. His first collection SunBird Wear won the
award at the Oxford Afroshow 2016. Ethno’s third collection is currently available on Depop.

Sunbox fusion food

SunBird World Kitchen is a fusion food concept created by SunBird Enterprises. We are a multicultural World Kitchen with a difference. celebrating the best of tropical sun-foods with stops from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

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